January 14, 2018


I'll be honest here.... this is my 4th time baking this and I still haven't gotten tired of it. This dessert is that good. If there's one thing about me, when I really like something, I can't seem to stop eating the same thing for like a month straight until I finally give up and try something different. This Winter Berry Crumble is so perfect for the chilly season with it's natural sweetness from the fruit juices that caramelize, to the buttery and flaky gluten-free crust piled on top. You would probably think I'm lying to you when I say this is a guilt-free, healthy dessert... but I'm not, I promise! Try it out for yourself. You won't regret it ♡

January 10, 2018


Whenever my girlfriends or our niece come over, they always run straight to the stinkies. Why? Because they're so irresistible, duh. I mean, seriously... how could anyone resist these adorable faces just looking up at you? I know I can't. They have me weak every morning I wake up to go see them... those beady little eyes and their squishy pink noses. Don't even get me started on the HAIRI'm not even remotely joking when I say this, but they seem to have better locks than most people do. There... I said it!

Anyways, I wanted to capture some of their cutest moments right when their cages are nice and clean, and there's fresh timothy hay & all-natural pellets for them to nibble on. That's when they're the happiest, which also makes me the happiest.  I'm going to be straight forward when I say this: one of our guinea girls is getting old and I really wanted to write a blog post that we would never forget. About both of the girls being together before she passes away. I hate even thinking about because I just want to cry every time I do, but that's part of life - nothing lasts forever and we enjoy cherishing them everyday.  So, if you take pleasure looking at pictures of cute animals, well boy do I have some for you. There's also a surprise pet inside, so if you want to see who it is then keep on reading!

January 8, 2018


(feat.) Tatiana Aragon

Lately I've been asked: "How in the world do you edit your photos?"  Well first, let me give a disclaimer - although I am not the ultimate PRO at photography [in general] I must admit... as I am constantly learning everyday, I have definitely improved my editing skills since the first day I started taking pictures a couple years ago. 

That's pretty much how it is with anything though. The harder you work towards something, the better you get at achieving what you want to accomplish, right? You only learn from the best, and that's how I get most of my inspiration and ideas... only from the best. Whether I'm working on taking photos for my bakery, or capturing those special moments during photoshoots in my free time, I'm constantly practicing and that's all it takes! So, without further ado, let's take a look at how I've gone from beginner to intermediate.

January 6, 2018


Well, here's to another year which I can't believe is already here. I don't know if it's just me, but as I get older it seems like time is passing by faster and faster. I always enjoy reminiscing on my childhood past when there were no worries like paying bills, getting food on the table, and keeping the house from turning into an utter disaster... (I'm not too sure what my husband would do without me) 😉   

The only worries I had was trying not to fall off my bike with the training wheels still attached and scraping a knee. Or here's a blast from the past: hanging onto a toy dumpster truck that your brother made you sit on while riding down a dirt hill into a gorge, traveling at a whopping speed of approximately 15 mph. That was just the  S H O R T  version of the story.

Reflecting on our memories helps to keep us living young again, and that's probably why I enjoyed my first family photoshoot so much. It reminded me of when I was just a little one - so innocent & pure. A big shout out goes to these two beautiful, free-spirited girls that helped bring me right back to those unforgettable memories I had 20 years ago.


December 25, 2017


Winter is my favorite season to get my  G R U B  on with some of the best dishes. I feel like during this time, it brings the true meaning of 'comfort food' to life. Seriously... I know I'm not the only one! Red Bean Quesadilla, Avocado Toast, Cinnamon Sugar Muffins & Lemonade? Uh hum, Y-E-S. Oh yeah, and it's vegan - it just doesn't get any better. Here's to a few good memories, a cozy atmosphere, and a mouth full of extreme flavors at The Coronado. Want to see the rest? View the post.

December 20, 2017

December 18, 2017


(feat.) The Minimalists

Simplicity is not just a word, but a state of being simple and learning the true meaning of life. In other words, giving is living: "Contributing beyond one's self brings with is a sense of fulfillment that we can't get from buying things". We all have a need to want, and once we have whatever it was that we we're so eager to get, that happiness slowly fades away.... 

E V E R Y  T I M E.   But when it comes to living a life of simplicity, it's not as easy as it may seem. It takes patience and persistence, but in the end it is well worth it. So, here is a list of things I curated for those that want to take the leap. (HINT: take baby-steps.)


December 15, 2017


From Imagine Your Art to  H A F S A H . D E S I G N S,  I wanted to start with something new and fresh. Though I have so many priorities focusing on a bakery business, there was a need to start a new hobby: watercolor painting. With my love of art, painting is one thing I've been wanting to learn. For those that don't know much about me (yet), I have always enjoyed giving over receiving, so when a piece of my art is sold, 10% of my earnings is donated to charity! Exciting, right?

Here's what to look forward to...

I've decided to always stick with photography (as it was my first passion), and keep advancing in knowledge and professional skills for the new blog! You'll enjoy updates on the latest weekly posts with promos for paintings, YouTube videos, beauty reviews and so much more! If you would like to join this new adventure of mine, be sure to follow on social media and subscribe to the newsletter for updates! Watch the video  ♡
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