January 6, 2018


Well, here's to another year which I can't believe is already here. I don't know if it's just me, but as I get older it seems like time is passing by faster and faster. I always enjoy reminiscing on my childhood past when there were no worries like paying bills, getting food on the table, and keeping the house from turning into an utter disaster... (I'm not too sure what my husband would do without me) 😉   

The only worries I had was trying not to fall off my bike with the training wheels still attached and scraping a knee. Or here's a blast from the past: hanging onto a toy dumpster truck that your brother made you sit on while riding down a dirt hill into a gorge, traveling at a whopping speed of approximately 15 mph. That was just the  S H O R T  version of the story.

Reflecting on our memories helps to keep us living young again, and that's probably why I enjoyed my first family photoshoot so much. It reminded me of when I was just a little one - so innocent & pure. A big shout out goes to these two beautiful, free-spirited girls that helped bring me right back to those unforgettable memories I had 20 years ago.

♡  H A F S A H  ♡

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